dua lipa

1Thing: How Dua Lipa, Dustin Lynch and More Are Saving the Planet for Valentine’s Day

The stars are in love with the environment this Valentine’s Day. We caught up with our favorite artists to see the 1Thing they’re doing to save the planet in February.
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boxed wine

Which Wine Container Is Better? Bottle or Box

It may be time to reconsider the stigma against boxes and take an honest look at which packaging method is better for you and the planet.
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How to Buy the Best Honey for the Planet (and Your Diet)

As climate change and chemical bug sprays threaten bee populations all over the world, our precious honey is under threat as well. Here’s how to shop for Ethical Honey.
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bike ride date

7 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

There are a bunch of exciting and romantic ideas that incorporate green practices. Here are the best eco-friendly date ideas.
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football stadium

Recyclable Aluminum Cups Will Be Used at This Year’s Super Bowl

The turf won’t be the only thing that’s green at this year’s big game. The Hard Rock Stadium will only use recyclable aluminum cups for Super Bowl LIV.
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public bathroom

The Public Toilet That Turns Waste Into Renewable Energy

Believe it or not, using a public toilet can actually be good for the environment. Researchers in South Korea have created an almost completely waterless toilet system that can turn human waste into energy. The bathroom is located within the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST...
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green bathroom

6 Hacks to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

The bathroom is often one of the last places people think about when trying to make their homes more sustainable . But with so many personal products, cosmetics, toiletries and water usage, there are plenty of small alterations and alternative purchases that can easily make it a more eco-friendly...
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shampoo on hair in shower

Reduce Plastic Waste With This All-Natural Shampoo Bar

What if there was a way to get that clean shampoo feel without the guilt of knowing where the plastic bottle will end up ? Fortunately, there is. Lush shampoo bars offer an easy solution to the major problem of plastic packaging waste. Clean hair, clean environment: one shampoo bar saves 2-3...
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Something for Everybody: 8 Niche Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Giving friends and family eco-conscious gifts doesn’t mean giving them things they don’t want. Manufacturers have incorporated eco-friendly materials into a range of products, while everyone could enjoy some more outside time with an outdoorsy gift of one kind or another. Here are our favorite eco-...
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national park family

6 Ways to Share Experiences Instead of Things This Holiday Season

The stereotypical image of the holidays is a pile of boxes wrapped with wrapping paper and bags tied off with ribbons -- but so much of that stuff ends up stuffed in clothes drawers never to be worn or dumped in the trash after months of disuse. Instead of contributing to the wasteful side of the...
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