Twisting Garden Skyscraper Could Change Modern Architecture

Melbourne's "Green Spine" will come to life in 2020

September 24, 2018
Melbourne, Australia

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Cities are looking for every way possible to decrease pollution and add green space, even in the most congested areas. From China’s pending vertical forest buildings to Australia’s new skyscraper outline, cities are literally building gardens into their plans.

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A twisting, plant-filled skyscraper is set to be Australia’s tallest building, towering at over 1,150 feet as part of the “Green Spine” project. The Melbourne building is expected to break ground in 2020 and will cost at least $1.4 billion.

Watch the twisting buiding come to life below: 

Incorporating plants into architecture like this is said to be one of the keys to stopping climate change. On top of providing living spaces and fighting pollution by decreasing CO2 with plants, these buildings also just look super cool.