Tiny House

© Ariel Mcglothin | Dreamstime.com

Save Space, Water, & Reduce Your Impact on the Environment By Living Small

Here's how...

September 20, 2018

Building and living in tiny houses has become an ever growing trend, with multiple conservation-minded people taking up the task.

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Whether they're made of concrete, hemp, recycled plastics, wood, or even shipping containers, the options for tiny houses are pretty much endless.

Today, you could simply Google "tiny houses for sale" and be able to purchase one of these for relatively cheap.

Living in a so-called "tiny house" comes with benefits on benefits, whether it's the conservation of energy, saving money on water, rent, and heating/cooling, or just being able to pick it up and put it essentially wherever you want!

And as it turns out... these tiny houses aren't so "tiny" after all.

This one is able to sleep six people -- stylishly and comfortably. See interior pictures here and here. Check out the full floor plan here.

Moving to a trendy and stylish "tiny" house is just 1 of the Things you can do as your part to help the environment. (Even though the benefits are way more than just 1!)