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The fourth of July

1THING: Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate July 4

The 4th of July is a summery and inviting holiday filled with friends, family, good food… and lots of waste. While things like fireworks can be stunning, they have huge environmental consequences that leave their impact long after the finale. To help you celebrate mother nature while you celebrate... Read More

Easy Tips to Have a More Sustainable Garden

Having your own personal green space is not only beautiful but can also be therapeutic as studies have shown gardening can improve mood and even helps accelerates healing. And cultivating a green thumb to receive those benefits while also minimizing the human impact on the earth is what sustainable... Read More
Beautiful pool with junge views in Ubud, Bali

The Most Vegan-Friendly Cities to Visit This Summer

Summer is upon us and with it comes the busy travel season. And while it can be challenging for travelers to maintain a plant-based diet on their vacation, more and more cities around the world have ramped up their vegan options for both locals and tourists. has come up with a... Read More

Sustainable Sneakers To Keep You & the Planet Healthy

Working on your beach body this summer while staying environmentally conscious has never been easier. In the last few years, fitness brands have stepped up their game by developing sneakers that are not only fashionable but also ethically-made. Here are few options that will make you feel good... Read More
Portrait of a young black Labrador standing in a river

Diving Dog Helps Collect Plastic From the Ocean

As a celebration of World Ocean’s Month, we’re putting the spotlight on an incredible pup that’s helping save the planet. Lila is an amazing black Labrador that’s here to brighten everyone’s day. After capturing the hearts of the internet with her lobster diving skills, Lila is back with an... Read More
 A dead Gray Whale sits on the beach at Limantour Beach on May 23, 2019 in Point Reyes Station, California. A thirteenth Gray Whale washed up dead on a San Francisco Bay Area beach as scientists try to figure what is killing the whales

How Drones Are Helping Save the Whales

June marks the start of World Oceans Month. Even as an ecosystem that’s teeming with incredible life and unexplored potential, our oceans are more at risk than even before. On top of sea levels rising at an alarming rate, ocean life is being threatened by pollution. A viral ban on straws is... Read More