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Sara Bareilles and The Lumineers celebrate National Bike Month

1THING: Sara Bareilles and The Lumineers Commit to National Bike Month

“My wife likes to recycle…” “No, we’re talking about bikes !” May is National Bike Month, and summer is quickly approaching to deliver the perfect weather for all our biking needs. From taking notes from The Lumineers and biking to work to joining Carrie Underwood in her snack-filled biking plans,... Read More
top view of trash bins and assorted garbage isolated on grey, recycle concept

5 Easy Tips for Reducing Waste

With huge looming problems like the Pacific Trash Patch (a collection of litter that’s literally the size of Texas), reducing waste from conveniences like single-use items is an absolute must. While reusing and recycling are great, reducing is a key step that eliminate the need for the last two in... Read More

Drive Green: 2019's Top 5 Most Eco-Friendly Cars

From global warming to water pollution, air pollution, deforestation, and more, our planet continues to face all sorts of environmental challenges. Thanks to a push in global eco-conscious awareness, many of us are making eco-friendly choices and adjustments in multiple aspects of our lives to do... Read More
6 tips to managing allergies naturally.

6 Tips to Manage Allergies Naturally

The best part about spring is probably also the worst part for so many of us. We're talking about all those blooming trees and flowers, of course. While we all love the beauty that blossoms each and every spring, there are millions of Americans who struggle to love the beauty of the season because... Read More
Netflix will begin streaming 'Our Planet' in April 5

Netflix to Debut Inspiring 'Our Planet' in Early April

Nature documentaries seem like no-brainer for streaming giant Netflix, as they cross off two important factors in deciding what content to be involved with. One, they're watchable. People like them. This makes it an easy "yes" for Netflix executives. Secondarily, they're important. They quite... Read More
composting your kitchen waste

Composting 101: Everything to Know About Composting Kitchen Waste

One of the best ways you can make your home more eco-friendly is to reduce waste. And while most of us will think about using less plastics or paper products first, one of the easiest ways to reduce waste is actually to compost your kitchen scraps. Of course, if you've never composted before,... Read More