Eco-friendly swimsuit

Felix Britanskiy |

10 Trashy Swimsuits That Make Eco-Sense

A list of stylish and environmentally-friendly swimsuits to kick-start your vacation

June 28, 2018

Summer is in full force and we’re here for it. We’re sharing some tips to help you make the most of the beautiful weather in an environmentally-friendly fashion!  

Enjoying a dip in the pool is much harder when you know that traditional swimsuits are made from virgin Nylon and Polyester. These non-biodegradable plastic fabrics are awful for the environment and increase the need for off-shore drilling.

We’re making balancing looking cute with helping the environment super easy with this list of 10 eco-friendly swimsuits. Enjoy your beach days and a piece-of-mind in these fashionable swimsuits made from recycled materials!

  1. Reformation: Vintage-style suits made from recycled fibers 
  2. UND Swim: Classy Italian swimwear made from recycled fabrics 
  3. VYB Swim: Flirty suits made from deadstock fabrics 
  4. Barekini: Simple bikinis made from regenerated Nylon 
  5. Free Bella: Boldly printed swimwear made from recycled Polyester fibers
  6. Now Then: Surfer-style suits made from recycled Nylon fibers 
  7. Davy J: Simple and practicle suits made from regenerated Nylon 
  8. Eco Mono: Understated pieces made from regenerated Lycra
  9. Elle Evans: Colorful swimsuits made from recycled Nylon 
  10. Amara Tulum: Resort-style suits made from ECONYL

Will you be sporting trash at the beach this summer too?