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Environmentally friendly and renewable energy

5 Ways you can have a better impact on the Earth in 2019

2018 is almost in our rearview mirror, and it was quite a sustainable one for us. It was the first year of our 1Thing initiative, where we made a number of changes to our office. With 2019 just around the corner, we’re busy planning more way to have a bigger sustainable impact on Earth. Here are 5... Read More
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5 Environmentally-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions to Commit to

The start of a new year is the perfect time to add in some new habits that’ll improve your way of life. On top of the usual resolutions like living healthier, saving more money, and taking more time for yourself, saving the environment is another great task to take on. To make the daunting task of... Read More
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How Climate Change Could Impact The World's Beer Supply

A new report from the United Nations suggests the worst-possible scenario for beer-loving Belgians, ale-loving Americans, stout-loving Swiss, and IPA-loving Indians alike. Turns out, the UN report claims the world is not ready to deal with climate change. In turn, a report from Nature Plants ,... Read More
Cigarette butts on the beach

Why Your New Year's Resolution Should Be to Quit Smoking

Did you know that in the last 32 years more than 60 million cigarette butts have been collected along our world's beaches? Yuck! In fact, it's such a problem that many environmentalists say cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world. And to make matters worse, most of the 5.6 trillion... Read More
Portrait Of Friends In Festive Jumpers At Christmas Party

4 Simple Tips to Hosting a Green Holiday Party

'Tis the season... for friends and family to gather and celebrate. Of course, if you're hosting family or friends this year that means you're already well into thinking about where guests will be sleeping, what food to serve, how to keep the house tidy. We hear ya, it can be pretty taxing. Even... Read More
Stylish living room interior with decorated Christmas tree and fireplace at night, view through window

Should You Get a Real Christmas Tree or Artificial One?

It is almost that time of year again, Christmas! So, are you ready to get into the Christmas spirit and start decorating? A longstanding tradition for many families is choosing the perfect tree. Whether it's real or fake, it's important to know how both can impact our environment. Here are some... Read More
Handmade presents

1THING: 5 Environmentally Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family can be one of the most stressful parts of the year. While it’s always great to have an excuse to shower our loved ones with presents, finding a good deal on something they’ll actually enjoy can take forever. Add on shopping while being... Read More